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So my car is down indefinitely, damn motor is gone. I have no idea wth we’re gonna do about that. We have been using Tammie’s car but hell we can’t keep it. So I guess its time to get another vehicle with money we don’t have. I loved my lil Neon too; been thru a lot with that car.

On the imvu front….I’m bored. My people don’t be on like they used to; I don’t want to be on like I used to; looking up old friends is for the birds. Think I may end up over at SL, see what they got to offer. True to my word, I have stayed away from my bestest. I’m curious as hell as to what she’s been up to but that’s not my business. I’m sure she’s having a great avi life and happy so that is all that matters to me. We haven’t been talking as much on yahoo; I miss her. But I know she has other things going on so I think imma end up falling back. Don’t want her to regret being friends with me again.


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Don’t even like his non-rapping ass but this song..

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I Hate Mondays

Just throwing that out there. I really do tho.

Anyway, Aunt Donna’s service was beautiful. The church was packed. the people who got up to speak said very lovely things, and the pastor preached an awesome service. I’m sure Aunt Donna would have been pleased. My kids went with me. Me and Ny were a mess; Nick cried but he was strong for us. I’m so grateful he was there for me eventho I had my doubts about letting either of them attend the service. My auntie was laid to rest 11/8; this date also happens to be Nanny, Tae-Tae, and Christina’s birthday. I know everyone who has lost a loved 1 says this but the holidays will never be the same for my family again…..RIP auntie, please know that I loved you way more than I ever showed and your loss will be felt tremendously year after year. I will do my best to make you proud of the woman I am and hopefully the woman I 1 day want to be. I suck at showing my emotions, always have, but please believe that every tear I shed for you doesn’t compare to the love and admiration that I have for you.

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In 2 Days…

My Auntie will be laid to rest. Because she was a breast cancer survivor, Leslie wants the fam to wear pink and black in honor of her. I’m sad, been thinking bout my childhood and how Aunt Donna helped shape me into the woman I am today. I can only imagine how hard it must be for my cousin, being an only child …ahe has had to bury both her parents in such a short amount of time. My heart goes out to her and her babies. This is gonna be a long week.

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R.I.P. Aunt Donna..

My heart is heavy as hell right now. At 7 pm yesterday I lost 1 of the most important women in my life. My Aunt Donna was a wonder woman of sorts; she worked, raised a daughter, was a faithful servant to her church, cooked and baked more cakes and pies than you could imagine…I’m sure she is where I get my love of baking from. My Aunt Donna was a true independent single mother. She could show most of these heffas what that shit really means. Worked everyday, never depended on child support, and had her side hustle selling cakes and shit. Tell me that ain’t the kinda person you want to be like and I will call you a liar. Aunt Donna meant the world to all of us; our family is never gonna be the same. Nanny has to bury her babygirl and that shit ain’t natural.

We got to say our goodbyes before they took her off life support. That shit there…man that image will be forever burnt into my memory. They let the family back there 3 at a time, so me, TJ, and our cousin Charles went back together. Man, that was….I mean I had been crying off and on all day. But seeing her laying in that bed, tubes and wires and shit. I broke down. TJ and Charles did no better. I never in my worst nightmares ever thought I would lose my aunt. My only aunt. I mean, yea I may have aunts on Terry’s side, but like I said, that side is virtually nonexistent to me which means, honestly, they don’t count.  Other than Aunt Ruth and Aunt Virginia (part of his adopted fam) that is.

I know these coming days are going to be even harder, especially for Nanny. We are really going to have to be there for her. Once all this settles down, I am going to talk to her about going to an assisted living place because I know she is not going to want to keep on staying with Leslie and her hubby. She can’t stand his ass and I won’t have her living somewhere she don’t want to be. This shit is going to be fucking hard man…

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