i am trying to forge a new path to a healthier me and with Daddi’s help i am sure i will get there. i want to be an example for nick and ny… i don’t want to force them to do the things i’ve been trying, hopefully seeing my change will be enough for them to want to do it with me. i have a workout plan now that i’m to do 3 days a week plus meditation everyday. prior to that i have been reading up on some things. i think i’m getting pretty good at buying healthier foods. snacks are hard though. and cereals. kannapolis has a farmer’s market i want to try, that’s the only way i will really know where my food comes from and what’s in it. we do have an amish store here in concord that sells organic stuff… lol but from what i’ve been told it’s a fake amish store. the people who own it aren’t amish at all, they just sell amish products. meats are my issue too. we have a butcher’s market that gets there products from local farms, but i need to do my research into what kinds of farms those are. awhile back 1 of my friends put me onto oil pulling. i don’t do it consistently enough to see a difference yet, which is awful because i know the toothpastes are full of poison. but i did buy a big jar of organic coconut oil just for that purpose. i cannot get the kids on board with me for that though lol. i get the mama-done-lost-her-mind-oil-can’t-clean-teeth sideways stare. i had tried sun gazing. it is supposed to expand the pineal gland, what most cultures refer to as the 3rd eye (sometimes shown as a pine cone). now that is kind of hard to do in the mornings because of how my little house sits. and i usually forget to do it at sunset. i’m working on that though. just trying to get us healthy.


speaking of health… sheena went to the hospital via stretcher yesterday. idk…i was like frozen but not. i was scared as shit too. thank god her neighbor’s bf knows cpr. the ambulance took forever it seemed like. i’m going to visit her today. from the way it was described to me she had a heart attack. she’s been dealing with blood pressure and heart related illnesses for awhile now. i need to take a cpr class. until yesterday the thought had never crossed my mind… but i’m keeping these kids, i have kids of my own. i don’t want to be stuck and helpless like i was when mama passed…


i finally got my 1st imvu kill last night. it was more fun than i expected it to be, like way. i disemboweled him right when he thought he was about to get some lmao. poor thing, he was so set on fucking he didn’t even know what to think lol. thrusting that knife into his gut and ripping through his flesh was just.. that shit was special. i think i will be the kind of killer who takes trophies, little trinkets my victims happen to be wearing… imvu has a vast amount of shit i can use. i have already found like 4 or 5 rooms i want to turn into my torture rooms. hooks, body parts, all that. so much stuff…




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