fat friday

i ended up with a day off from babysitting, so i decided to make today all about mika – hence the title ‘fat friday’. Daddi calls me fat, its my day…there you go. so this morning i meditated, did my workout, soaked in the tub with a jasmine lime fizzy ball, and then showered. i haven’t done too much of anything beyond that lol but its cool cuz its my day.

speaking of my workout, my blond has been in full effect since i started. i couldn’t figured why i was soooo sore, like beyond what i thought should be normal soreness. duh, i haven’t been stretching before my workouts. now that i figured that out, hopefully some of this soreness will abate. i had gotten so bad, i was almost like ‘fuck this’. i’m glad i figured out the problem because quitting my workout is not an option. i would have gotten all kinds of fucked up, and none of them in a good way.

right now, i have a plate of (authentic, not taco bell) tacos, a glass of pink moscato, and a freshly rolled l. H2 has an ancient aliens marathon going, so i’m in a state of nerdvana. later on today, this evening probably, i’ll get on ‘vu and look for a/some new victim(s), help me get my mind off of missing Him. thank god for pictures and old messages lol.

just wanted to write a little bit. i may be back later.


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