(7:26 am)

it is my opinion that the majority of love is conditional and while i may not get all the way on board with this video, for the most part he is right. speaking in my general experience anyway. you can’t truly know a person until they show all of their sides. speaking for myself, i am quick to lash out when i am mad. and this video did get me to thinking, why am i doing my best to bring down someone i supposedly love? is that real? and i’m not even saying i don’t have a right to be mad when it happens, just that i do not have the right to go full metal jacket on a nigga because he forgot to get me a soda or whatever. have i been conditioned to believe that dysfunctionality (yep, just made that up i think) is ok to model for my kids? it’s kinda hard to face just how mentally screwed up i am sometimes, i won’t even front.


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