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I Hate Mondays

Just throwing that out there. I really do tho.

Anyway, Aunt Donna’s service was beautiful. The church was packed. the people who got up to speak said very lovely things, and the pastor preached an awesome service. I’m sure Aunt Donna would have been pleased. My kids went with me. Me and Ny were a mess; Nick cried but he was strong for us. I’m so grateful he was there for me eventho I had my doubts about letting either of them attend the service. My auntie was laid to rest 11/8; this date also happens to be Nanny, Tae-Tae, and Christina’s birthday. I know everyone who has lost a loved 1 says this but the holidays will never be the same for my family again…..RIP auntie, please know that I loved you way more than I ever showed and your loss will be felt tremendously year after year. I will do my best to make you proud of the woman I am and hopefully the woman I 1 day want to be. I suck at showing my emotions, always have, but please believe that every tear I shed for you doesn’t compare to the love and admiration that I have for you.

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